SBHL – Week 7 Team and Division Standings

Team and Division Standings

1 Boyz ‘N Motion 6 1 0.86
2 The Rowdy Dolphins 5 2 0.71 Dolphins beat Victorious Secret
3 Victorious Secret 5 2 0.71
4 Red Devils 4 3 0.57
B League
1 The Rockets ™ 3 4 0.43
2 Kharku Jatts 2 5 0.29 Kharku Jatts beat Brown Hawks
3 Brown Hawks 2 5 0.29
4 The Buckets 0 7 0.00

Playoffs start next week. Schedule will be posted Saturday afternoon March 8.

Semi’s are 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd.

SBHL – Week 5 Results

Teams requesting a schedule change must email Paul Czene at Tuesday. Wednesday the other three teams impacted by schedule change will be contacted with request. All three teams must agree with change for it to proceed. If agreed all 4 team captains would be contacted with revised schedule.

Roster changes are no longer possible. Only players listed on score sheets will be eligible to play.

Playoffs: At end of round robin tournament teams will be divided into A League (top 4) and B League (bottom 4) divisions. Each division will play for their own championship trophy.

Ties: Decided by a single game playoff on week 8 prior to the start of playoffs. Playoffs would then begin one week later. Playoff schedule will then be emailed to team captains and posted online the following Saturday.

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